Monday, 12 March 2012

Mmm... nice

Mmm... nice is a business that do a range of chutneys and relishes that are a little bit out of the ordinary and have mostly natural and locally sourced ingredients.

I was asked to design the branding and packaging of their products. The first thing I did was a logo.

The image of the brand is fresh and fun, with a modern twist on traditional products. The colours are all naturally occurring colours of foods and should look good enough to eat.

The labeling of the jars was to be a bit different also; instead of standard labels stuck to jars, these would be folded cards, tied round the neck of the jars. A few examples are shown here which show some of the range of products.

I was also asked to design a flyer to advertise luxury hampers that were being sold at Christmas time. I also did the photography for the flyers, showing a pack-shot of all the products that were part of the hampers.

The hampers were very popular and Mmm... nice has been growing steadily, increasing the number of stockists and outlets.

Friday, 9 March 2012

DS Hair

In 2009 I started working closely with a hairdressing salon, first to produce a business card and pricelist flyers, then, when they moved premises, producing a complete re-branded corporate identity.

The salon had an existing logo on the shop front which wasn't great, but I didn't want to confuse the brand so I recreated and tweaked it a little for use on the initial items.


I was also asked to produce a postcard for handing out to existing clients to refer new customers in order for both to receive a discount. I maintained the corporate identity we had created and adjusted the layout to suit the new function.


The following year the salon moved to new premises, this was an opportunity for us to refresh the branding and update the corporate style to a fresher and more contemporary feel.

The new logo referenced the previous one by retaining the interlinked letters but used a much cleaner font and worked in a name change. We produced new price list cards which list the prices of all the services on offer, have a space for writing appointment details and fold to business card size, fitting easily into a purse or wallet.


Here is the updated pricelist poster.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Business cards and logos

I have done work for various small and fledgling businesses helping to develop brand identities, creating logos and producing business cards and other materials. A selection of the one-off jobs are here, starting with a personal trainer who needed business/appointment cards to hand to clients. A simple design with the predominant blue colour used representing trust and the red indicating excitement.

A private catering business needed branding from scratch, only having a name, Regency Catering, and a target demographic in mind. The target audience was for affluent adults of age 40+. I produced a logo for use on business cards and other promotional materials. The fleur de lis seemed a good option, alongside the elegant script of the chosen font. The deep red gives a feeling of richness and opulence.

A hypnotherapist who was starting out needed help in deciding on their business name as well as a logo created and business cards produced. The client had a very vague idea of what she wanted so once we had settled on Real Hypnotherapy as her business name I produced a logo and gave it a number of treatments for use in different situations. 

The colours used are to suggest both relaxation and health benefits with the word Therapy highlighted a different colour. The crescent above Hypnotherapy is a design element to tie the logo together and also suggest a sense of safety and protection. I applied these on the business cards that were required.

Club Welto

In 2007 and 2008 I had some involvement with a live music showcase night called Club Welto which we ran at a few different venues. The flyers for the first few events had a flyer design that was recognisable and conveyed the information efficiently but was fairly simplistic. When I took over the flyer design I wanted to change things up a bit. This is the first of the new style of designs.

We released a promotional CD featuring a track each by many of the acts who had performed at the night over the months. The cover featured a montage of elements from four of the original style of flyer.

At around the same time as the last event we put on the film Wall-E had been released. A friend came up with the concept of turning Wall-E into Welt-O. Here is the original movie poster and the manipulated version I created for the Welto poster.

Here is another version I produced as a flyer along with a different Wall-E advert.

I was very happy with the way these turned out and it was a lot of fun putting them together.